100G Metro Market Overview

MACOM’s Commitment to 100G Metro

“This is the year of 100G in the Metro. Information and entertainment supported by Cloud services, Broadband Video, Mobile technologies such as LTE and Mobile apps, have created an insatiable demand for bandwidth.  Bell Labs study predicts that by 2017 75% of data traffic will be terminated within the metro network” 

Vivek Rajgarhia
VP & GM Lightwave Networking Components

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100G Metro

100G Metro


With the evolution of component technology, establishment of a widespread and sustainable supply chain, 100G Metro is ready for prime time.  This includes the replacement of 10G and 40G ports and new installations of 100G ports.  Cost of a 100G port is now around 6 times that of 10G and will go down to lower than 5 times in the near future making it half the cost per bit of 10G.

Constraints of power, space and cost that are required for Metro networks have been overcome by compact and lower cost transceiver form factors such a coherent CFP2.

MACOM’s breadth of semiconductor technology that includes Gallium Arsenide, Silicon Germanium and Indium Phosphide, coupled with our expertise in packaging these chips in high performance, cost-effective and compact quad channel surface mount packages, has helped enable these C-Form Factors for 100G coherent transmission for different modulation techniques.

We offer high gain linear TIAs for micro ICRs and an extensive portfolio of modulator drivers in quad channel-packages that include differential-in, and differential or single-ended out, for both limiting and linear operation.

MACOM Products for 100G Metro Market


“The 100G Metro Market is growing rapidly with a Total Addressable Market that could be $1.6 billion dollars by 2021. The CFP2 coherent form factor will enable the higher volume metro market as it enables lower power, lower cost and smaller sized products. MACOM is well positioned to leverage this opportunity and address this hyper growth market, with its broad portfolio of products and technology”

Kevin Lefebvre
Principal Analyst