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RoadScape technology provides highly accurate location, direction, and time information to a vehicle, enabling a new era of location and situational awareness for the automotive and transportation markets. RoadScape provides information to vehicle control systems that enables them to ‘see’ the future. Using RoadScape information, OEMs can develop applications that will yield best in class results for the end consumer. MACOM’s RoadScape Technology currently drives two applications:  RoadScape GPS Module  and RoadScape eHorizon Module.

RoadScape GPS Module

RoadScape GPS provides leading edge, highly accurate geo-location information to vehicle infrastructure. This single module delivers data to multiple systems allowing OEMs to service their end customers and differentiate their product. With advanced Dead Reckoning algorithms, data never skips a beat even in tunnels and challenging environments. Telematics? Navigation? eCall? Or all three at once? - Click here to learn more

RoadScape eHorizon Module

RoadScape eHorizon incorporates all the features and benefits of the GPS Module PLUS an advanced map and electronic horizon processing algorithm, providing key horizon data to vehicle control systems, yielding unprecedented results. Integrated control systems? Battery/Energy Management? Transmission Efficiency? Click here to learn more

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