Industrial, Scientific and Medical


MACOM offers a comprehensive portfolio of products to support the demanding performance requirements of the diverse applications in today's industrial, scientific, and medical systems, and consumer electronics. We support applications as diverse as test and instrumentation, machine-to-machine communications, MRI, industrial machinery, game systems, smartphones, and wireless LAN networks. Our broad product base coupled with our extensive applications support, results in our providing leading edge solutions to a wide variety of applications, from consumer electronics, to demanding industrial applications to lifesaving medical applications.

We offer a full range of passive and active products that provide unique solutions. For example, we supply non-magnetic packaging for medical applications, and high power transistors for plasma generators. Further, our technologies enable efficient wireless connectivity.  We deliver both standard products and custom solutions that set the industry standard for high performance and reliability.



MAAL-011129: Broadband LNA, 18-31.5 GHz

The MAAL-011129 is an easy-to-use three stage low noise amplifier with high gain and broadband 50 Ω match. It is designed for operation from 18 to 31.5 GHz and housed in a lead-free 2x2 mm 8-lead PDFN plastic package.