Line Side

Line side optical communication systems have been going through a major transition to 100 Gbps and beyond data rates using coherent technology. MACOM has a complete portfolio of modulator drivers and transimpedance amplifiers for coherent systems for long haul and metro applications. MACOM offers both single-ended and differential modulator driver solutions to interface with the latest lithium niobate and semiconductor based optical modulators. They come in single, dual and quad channel formats and are available in both GPPO module and surface mount packages. Using a combination of Indium Phosphide and Gallium Arsenide technologies, MACOM can offer unparalleled performance and the broadest portfolio of drivers in the market. The latest generation of drivers all have differential inputs to provide a high performance interface to the latest DSP devices.  MACOM is a market leader in the pluggable (CFP/CFP2) Coherent Metro Market space by providing the smallest and lowest power driver solutions.