Crosspoints and Signal Conditioners

With over a decade of experience in crosspoint switch design and delivery, MACOM has positioned itself as the preferred and trusted supplier for switching solutions in high data rate systems. MACOM’s continued innovation and investment in pushing the boundaries of performance, size, and speed, ensures that we remain the supplier of choice.

Our devices are equipped with signal conditioning technology that enables system designers to use lower cost board materials and components while increasing their system margin.

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Crosspoint Switches, Signal Conditioners/Redrivers

Product Spotlight

16 Channel, 28 Gbps Crosspoint Switch & Signal Conditioners

The MAXP-37161 is a highly integrated, low power, fully non-blocking 16 channel 28 Gbps crosspoint switch targeted for 100G Ethernet, EDR InfiniBand and OTN applications. It is designed to compensate for signal loss in backplanes and copper cables. 

Emmy Award Winning Solution

MACOM Emmy® Snapshot: SDI Video Crosspoints

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