At MACOM we produce one of the widest variety of PIN, Schottky, Varactor and Multiplier diodes in the industry for microwave circuit applications from 1 MHz to 80 GHz. Our Diodes are manufactured in die, SURMOUNTTM, plastic and ceramic packaging for a variety of circuit configurations providing high performance.

Product Categories

PIN Limiter Diodes
PIN Switch and Attenuator Diodes
Schottky Mixer and Detector Diodes
Multiplier Step Recovery Diodes
Varactor Tuning Diodes
Germanium Tunnel Diodes

[MTD Series] [MBD Series]

DC Voltage Current Limiter

[Current limiter] [Zener Diodes 1N5000 and 1N6000 series] [Silicon Zener Diode Sharp Breakdown] [Silicon Low Level Zener Diodes]



MACOM’s MADS-003000-1292LT and MADS-003000-1292HT are high performance silicon Schottky dual crossover quads. These parts are usable for a variety of mixer applications.

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