Optical Sub-Assemblies

MACOM’s optical sub assemblies (OSA) are focused on the high performance/high bit rate optical transceivers operating at 100Gbps and beyond. Our current 100Gbps TOSA integrates 4channels of 25/28Gbps DFB lasers or EML’s with driver IC and a low loss optical MUX.  Our current 100Gbps ROSA integrates four PIN photo-detectors, a quad TIA, and a low loss optical DEMUX. MACOM’s optical sub assemblies are key components servicing the next generation metro/longhaul networks, datacenter interconnect (DCI) applications, mobile backhaul networks, and high end router/switch applications.

Product Categories

Transmitter Optical Sub-Assembly (TOSA)
Receiver Optical Sub-Assembly (ROSA)



The FBT4401NH is high performance and low power consumption 4 x 25G/28G 1310 nm LAN-WDM Transmitter Optical Sub-Assembly (TOSA), consisting of an optical multiplexer to combine 4 wavelength light signals and highly-reliable cooled electroabsorption modulated lasers (EMLs).