At MACOM we offer a variety of passive solutions for a wide range of A&D, wireless, and wireline communication applications. Our passive components include transformers, capacitors, inductors, splitters/combiners, couplers and filters/diplexers.


MACOM Introduces the Industry’s Broadest Portfolio of DOCSIS 3.1 Compliant Passive Components

High-performance transformers, couplers and power dividers/combiners provide system designers with complete toolbox of passives to meet their unique requirements.
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Product Categories

Bias Networks
Filters / Diplexers
Power Dividers / Combiners
Transformers / Baluns
Resistor Products

Attenuator Pads
Resistor Chips

Inductor Products

High Q MNOS Series
Beam Lead
Binary Chip
DC Floating /RF Bypass Mounting
MNOS Series


The ETC1-1-13 is a 1:1 RF transmission line transformer in a low cost, surface mount package. Ideally suited for high volume cellular and wireless application, as well as other industrial, scientific, and medical applications. 
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