Laser Photonic Integrated Circuits (L-PIC™)


MACOM’s MAOP-L284CN features four high bandwidth Mach-Zehnder modulators integrated with four lasers (1270, 1290, 1310, and 1330 nm) and a CWDM multiplexer, with each channel operating at up to 28 Gbps. The L-PiC™ operates on a standard single mode optical fiber, and includes integrated tap detectors for fiber alignment, system initialization and closed loop control. A single fiber aligned to the output edge coupler of this 4.1 x 6.5 mm die is the only optical requirement for integrating this device into QSFP28 transceiver applications. The preferred polarization for all optical I/O is TE. A bidirectional coupler is provided on the multiplexed output to both facilitate both fiber coupling and to monitor output power via an integrated photodiode. 

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MAOP-L284CN Inquire 100G CWDM4 Driverless Transmitter with integrated lasers, modulators and MUX (4 x 28 Gbps)
-6.5 2.5 Die
Inquire Integrated MACOM Etched Facet Technology (EFT) CW lasers
0°C to +85°C Operating Range
Supports QSFP Multisource Footprint
Requires only passive cooling without – No TECs
Integrated tap detectors for fiber alignment and closed loop control
4 x 28G Integrated Mach-Zehnder modulators with Integrated CWDM multiplexer for QSFP28
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