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0.5 W Current Regulators
The popular 1N5283-1 thru 1N5314-1 and 1N7041-1 thru 1N7055-1 series of 0.5 watt current regulators provides a selection from 0.22 mA to 10 mA in standard 10% tolerances. These devices regulate current over a broad voltage range as a counter part offering to Zeners that regulate voltage over a broad current range. The somewhat larger D0-7 packaging option offers a double-plug internal bond connection with a larger active die element for its unique function as a current limiter.
  • High Source Impedance
  • Internal Metallurgical Bond
  • Double Plug Construction
  • Regulates Current over Broad Operating Range
  • JAN, JANTX, JANTXV and JANS Qualification per MIL-PRF-19500/463 Available
  • Hermetically Sealed Glass, DO-7
  • Flexible Axial-lead Mounting Terminals
  • Non sensitive to ESD
  • Hi-Rel
  • Regulator Current IP - Nominal: 1.1 (mA) @ VS=25V
  • Min Dynamic Impedance: 0.7 VS = 25V ZS (MΩ)
  • Min Knee Impedance: 0.18 VK = 6.0V ZK (MΩ)
  • Max Limiting Voltage (VL): 1.4 IL = 0.8 ls1 (min) (V)
  • Regulator Current IP - Minimum: 0.99 (mA) @ VS=25V
  • Regulator Current IP - Maximum: 1.21 (mA) @ VS=25V
  • DO-7
Package Category
  • Hermetically sealed glass 
Part Number Package MACOM Richardson RFPD DigiKey Mouser
0.5 W Current Regulators
DO-7 Inquire

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