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300 W MACOM GaN Power Transistor
Based on MACOM’s Gen4 GaN technology, the new MAGe-102425-300 delivers performance that defies the inherent power efficiency and density limitations of LDMOS at an equivalent price profile at scaled volume production levels. The device opens a massive opportunity to leverage solid-state RF energy as a highly efficient and precise heat and power source for a wide range of commercial applications including microwave ovens, automotive ignition, lighting systems and industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) applications including RF plasma lighting, material drying, blood and tissue heating and ablation, and beyond.
  • Automotive Ignition
  • ISM
  • Lighting Systems
  • Microwave Ovens
  • Supply Voltage: 50 V
  • PSAT: 300 W
  • Gain: 16 dB
  • Test Freq: 2.45 GHz
  • Max Frequency: 2,500 MHz
  • Min Frequency: 2,400 MHz
Datasheet: Request Datasheet
  • TO-272S-4
Package Category
  • Plastic
Part Number Package MACOM Richardson RFPD DigiKey Mouser
300 W MACOM GaN Power Transistor
TO-272S-4 Inquire

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