Control Products

At MACOM we offer a broad variety of control products for a wide range of A&D and commercial applications. Our control products include Attenuators, IQ modulators, Limiters, Switches, Phase Shifters and Power Detectors. Our product portfolio covers a broad frequency spectrum from DC to 70 GHz using Silicon, AlGaAs and GaAs based technologies.

Product Categories

CMOS Switch Drivers
Digital Attenuators
Digital Phase Shifters
IQ Modulators / Demodulators
Power Detectors

[SPST] [SPDT] [SP3T] [SP4T] [SP5T] [SP6T] [SP8T] [DPDT] [Limiters]

Voltage Variable Attenuators
Phase Detectors


320 W Peak Power Limiter

The MADL-011014 is a lead-free surface mount, high power limiter which integrates the equivalent of 19 PIN, Schottky, limiter diodes, capacitors, inductors, and resistors in a compact ceramic package. Applications in Aerospace and Defense and Radar. 

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