MACOM Emmy® Snapshot: SDI Video Crosspoints

MACOM's MASW-011041

Listen to expert Kevin Harrington, Product Line Manager of A&D Communications, talk about MACOM's product MASW-011041 ideally suited for packaged (9mm) multi-throw switch applications from 30MHz to 1.5GHz with up to 200Watts of power handling.

Demonstration of Transimpedence Gain

Watch MACOM Test Engineer Declan Healy demonstrate our FTTx amplifier and measure Transimpedence Gain from the optical input to the RF output of the amplifier

Optical Transport Solutions

Discussing the advantages of optical transport for the video and broadcast industry (from the 2012 NAB Show).

Crosspoint Switch with Reconfigurable I/O

Introducing  crosspoint switches with reconfigurable I/O (from the 2012 NAB Show).

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