Live at OFC - MACOM's latest signal conditioning advances for 100G

MACOM's Marek Tlalka reviews our latest signal conditioning advances for 100G applications at OFC 2014. Among MACOM's live demonstrations at the show were low-power clock and data recovery (CDR) solutions and high data rate crosspoint switches and signal conditioners.

In this intriguing demonstration video, Manuel Romero of MACOM shows off his cooking skills using a GaN powered Microwave at IMS2016 in San Francisco, California. 

MACOM is increasing bandwidth density in optical networks, decreasing size/power consumption and increasing port density of optical interconnects. 

The MADP-009989 diode acts as a passive protected (limiter) for the MRI receiver. Designed to protect MRI receivers from high RF energy fields including long RF pulses and RF spike pulses present in most MRI machines.