MACOM Emmy® Snapshot: SDI Video Crosspoints

MACOM's MAXP-37161A is a highly integrated, low power, fully non-blocking 16 channel 28 Gbps crosspoint switch, targeted for 100G Ethernet, EDR InfiniBand and OTN applications

MACOM's MAOM-003427 is the Industry’s first surface mount modulator driver with 46 Gbaud capability to support next generation 200G and 400G applications

100G Metro Market Overview

Listen to Expert Vivek Rajgarhia, Director of Strategy for HPA at MACOM, discuss 100G in the Metro.

7 W Pulsed High Power Amplifier

Listen to Paul Beasly, Product Manager at MACOM, as he discusses the MAAP-011022; high power amplifier designed for civil air traffic control and weather radar applications

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