25G Lasers

MACOM's Commitment to Lasers

This connectivity challenge is broadly seen throughout the industry, and there are lots of people in leading positions who are trying to solve the problem in different ways. The unique combination of our leading-edge laser design and manufacturing competency with our silicon PIC design talent, has yielded breakthroughs that unlock the potential of L-PICs, starting in places like Data Centers but with lots of legs into different markets in the future.



Enabling Breakthroughs in Optical Bandwidth Density

Leveraging EFT and our commercial scale manufacturing capability, MACOM is optimally positioned to capitalize on the 100G technology opportunity in cloud data centers, replicating the breakthrough cost structure reductions that we previously achieved in PON. Cloud Data Center infrastructure is proliferating at a staggering pace, driven by exponential data traffic growth and the hyperscale elasticity needed to accommodate

surging cloud compute workloads and long-term capacity plans. The insatiable global demand for online multimedia and mobile data created almost 5 trillion gigabytes of Data Center traffic in 2015 alone. To meet this burgeoning demand, hyperscale data centers have leveraged inexpensive computing power sewn together by optical fiber connectivity and brought to life by extremely high-speed, power efficient lasers.


  • Cloud Data Centers
  • 5G-LTE Communications
  • 100G PON  

Cleaved Facet Lasers vs MACOM’s Etched Facet Technology