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Department of Defense Accreditation of MACOM's Trusted Foundry

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MACOM Foundry Service

MACOM offers a Focused, Collaborative Foundry Service to our Aerospace & Defense customers. The foundry service utilizes MACOM’s 100mm internal Fab featuring exceptional control and quality systems that is recognized with the Department of Defense Trusted Foundry accreditation.

Our customers have access to a broad range of proprietary technologies and with a controlled supply of GaAs, Silicon, and HMiC technologies used in the A&D market.

Additionally, MACOM has the capability to design, assemble and test single or multi-die solutions.

More than foundry access, the foundry service team offers dedicated customer and technical service such as technology training, design service, customer application models and more. We will help you every step of the way through the success of your project.

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