OFC 2018

Meet with MACOM at OFC 2018 in Booth #2613, and learn how our lightwave portfolio is enabling high bandwidth and low latency, addressing the high-performance analog interfaces between electrical and optical domains, and providing solutions to meet the demanding size, power and signal integrity requirements of today's high-speed networks.

MACOM's portfolio includes high-performance modulator drivers, transimpedance amplifiers, clock/data recovery circuits, crosspoints, APD / PIN photodiodes, FP and DFB lasers, silicon photonics, 53 Gbaud PAM-4 PHYs and ROSAs and TOSAs for enterprise and telecom optical systems operating up to 100G, 400G and beyond.

Highlights in MACOM’s booth #2613 include:

  • Showcasing 400G SR8 fully analog chipset solution for QSFP-DD applications, featuring MACOM’s CDR, TIA and Driver
  • Showcasing MACOM’s 100G CWDM4 L-PIC™ solution (Please note this is by appointment only in MACOM’s booth, #2613)
  • Showcasing 400G-FR4, the lowest cost upgrade path for >100G throughput, featuring MACOM’s PAM-4 PHY, L-PIC and TOSA/ROSA (Please note this is by appointment only in MACOM’s booth, #2613)
  • 5G optical connectivity solutions for SFP28 SR/LR/ER and 100G wireless chipsets (Please note this is by appointment only in MACOM’s booth, #2613)
  • 2018 Lightwave Innovation Award Finalists: MATA-03819 four-channel 100G linear TIA for 400G optical modules and PT-28E differential-output reference receiver module for 28/56 GB PAM-4 transmission receive applications

Members of MACOM’s product management, engineering and applications teams will be available to answer any inquiries or questions at the show. Please contact your local sales representative to make an appointment today.

Show Information:
San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, California 
9:30 AM – 6:00 PM Mar. 13
9:30 AM – 5:30 PM Mar. 14
9:30 AM – 4:30 PM Mar. 15