MACOM is setting the standard for product reliability, incorporating concurrent Design for Reliability in all phases of product development.

MACOM is driven by the physics of the technology in Design, Verification and Analysis of our parts.

MACOM through the Stage Gate Design process incorporates Design for Reliability (DFR) at the IDES phase of product development. DFR Engineers are a critical part of the equation in providing the customer with some of the most reliable product in the market today.

To ensure MACOM products will meet your needs today and tommorrow an in depth verification process targeting the physics of the technology has been built into the design process. Highly Accelerated Growth Techniques are employed to provide the highest levels of reliability growth while minimizing the effect on the design cycle. A world class Environmental Laboratory has been established to provide testing resources necessary to ensure the design compliance to your needs. In addition a Semiconductor Process Reliability Team has been established to provide the process verification/process reliability growth.

Design for Reliability today must start with a fundamental understanding of the physics of how and why a technology can fail. Then the DFR engineer working with the design team can design out the potential failure mechanism. MACOM has developed an Analytical Physics Laboratory to provide the DFR engineers with the knowledge necessary to design out those potential failure mechanisms early in the design cycle. This laboratory has been benchmarked by leaders in the industry as World Class Best in Class.


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