MACOM in Active Antennas

SPAR™ Tile

Scalable Planar ARray (SPARTM) Tiles are RF assemblies containing antenna elements, GaAs and GaN semiconductors, transmit and receive modules and RF and power distribution networks. When combined with additional signal generation and receive and control electronics, the composite assembly forms the building block for the MPAR planar active electronically scanned antenna (AESA) for the radar system. 

MACOM's Commitment

The implementation of MACOM’s SPAR Tiles as a critical element of a full-scale demonstration of MPAR represents a major milestone in the validation of this new approach for manufacturing AESAs. SPAR Tiles enable new levels of affordability and flexibility across a broad range of civil and defense applications. Our ability to fulfill large orders of SPAR Tiles demonstrates the scalability of our manufacturing approach to achieve volume production of this highly integrated and complex RF product.



SPARTM Tiles enable the transition from cumbersome traditional brick architectures to a more efficient planar approach. By leveraging MACOM’s commercial manufacturing expertise, MACOM believes that SPAR Tiles will help drive cost efficiencies that are required to propel MPAR to mainstream adoption and deployment in the latter part of this decade.

Key Features

  • Foundation for next generation of civil and defense radar networks
  • Integrates 8 separate legacy radar functions into a single multifunction platform
  • Tile-based systems can increase forecast accuracy for severe weather events such as tornadoes and facilitate earlier major storm warnings
  • Tile-based systems will replace today’s air traffic control radar systems that are approaching obsolescence, and will provide improved awareness in air traffic patterns, increasing safety and flight efficiencies.

Key Applications

  • Weather Radar
  • Air Traffic Control
  • Defense Radar

Featured Article

By Doug Carlson, MACOM

Tile-based AESAs create the foundation for such a new generation of high performance, agile radar systems that can be built quickly and cost effectively and flexibly tailored and scaled for deployment across defense, civil and commercial applications...Read More