MACOM is the leading provider for FTTx/PON, with over 300 million components shipped into PON.

10G-PON Solution

10G-PON ONU/OLT Chipset

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MACOM’s Commitment to PON

MACOM’s preeminent market share in the PON domain – where we’ve shipped over 300 million components – is a testament to customers’ trust in our proven technology platforms and volume-scale manufacturing efficiency. With the introduction of our 10G PON solution portfolio, we’ve again affirmed our commitment to helping customers overcome the challenges of deploying advanced optical technologies at massive scale and lowered cost structures.

Optoelectronics & Photonics Portfolio



Service providers are running optical fiber much deeper into the access network in order to deliver higher bandwidth that makes it possible to offer multiple high performance voice, video and data services to customers. The FTTx architecture consists of a passive optical network (PON) that allows several customers to share the same connection, without any active components. As the industry transitions to 10G PON, MACOM’s established industry leadership and proven industrial-scale manufacturing capabilities, with its new 10G PON portfolio enables seamless component integration and unrivaled cost efficiencies to help accelerate 10G PON infrastructure build-outs.

MACOM serves the FTTx market with a broad family of physical media devices (PMDs) that reduce the cost of PON optical networking equipment used to deploy FTTx multi-play services over fiber-access networks. Our 10G PON, GEPON, 10 GEPON, and XGPON products include lasers, pre- and post-amplifiers, as well as laser drivers that use our proven dual closed-loop technology for real-time laser monitoring and compensation to reduce production testing requirements and lower overall ONT/ONU system costs. In addition, we provide signal conditioning and switching solutions for applications within ONT systems. 

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