Wireless Networking and Communication


MACOM has a wide portfolio of products, suitable for use in many of the various wireless communication applications. Covering frequencies from DC to E-band, MACOM has products well suited for microwave backhaul, wireless basestations, VSAT, and ISM-band communications. The functions applicable to wireless communications are available including, power amplifiers, buffer and river amplifiers, LNAs, frequency converters, multipliers, VCOs, and more. Application engineers who are experts in the respective fields are on hand to assist designers with any application that they are asked for assistance on.

Cross Reference List

Need a Replacement or Alternate Part for Your RF Application?

Check out MACOM’s MMICs and Diodes Cross Reference alternatives to Broadcom’s recently announced end of life products.


42 GHz Power Amplifier

The MAAP-010512 is a 4-stage, high linearity 1W power amplifier in a 7x7 mm laminate package, allowing easy assembly. Optimized for Wireless Networking and Communication. 

RF to Light Solutions for Wireless Network Infrastructure

Including MACOM's high-performance, integrated components for access, backhaul and next-generation wireless technologies. Learn More