5G Communications

Solving Today's 5G Optical Wireless Challenges

Learn why Cloud computing-based C-Ran Network architectures are pivotal in the evolution from 4G to 5G, and how MACOM’s technology advantages are solving the current cost structure, supply chain, quality of service, and performance constraint challenges.

MACOM's Commitment to 5G

MACOM is collaborating with our customers around the world to accelerate the evolution to 5G, applying our established expertise and leadership in high-bandwidth wireless infrastructure and high-frequency millimeterwave (mmW) technology to help enable breakthrough gains in wireless throughput and capacity.

Solving 5G's Size and Weight challenges

Base station deployment and site acquisition constraints require smaller, lighter 5G massive MIMO (mMIMO) radios and antennas. Improved signal processing, high efficiency devices and integration from discrete lineups to front-end modules (FEM) make it possible.

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28 GHz Front-end for 5G


Representative Block Diagram


MACOM is Accelerating the Evolution to 5G


Our leadership RF & Microwave and optical products enable breakthroughs in network capacity, latency, coverage and quality of service.  To achieve this MACOM provides a wide-range of products spanning RF Power Amplifiers, MMICs, Switches, Lasers, Amplifiers PHYs, and integrated modules that allows us to implement advanced Beam Forming that is energy efficient and available at commercially viable cost structures.

Providing a wide breadth of products spanning discrete components and fully-integrated front-end modules designed for surface mount assembly, MACOM is helping our customers achieve new levels of wireless system performance and design agility. Our proven ability to tailor solutions that strike an optimal balance of power output and energy efficiency in compact form factors enables our customers to speed their time to market with differentiated, cost-effective 5G system architectures.

With a diverse range of semiconductor processes and technologies – from GaAs and AlGaAs to SiGe and GaN – in combination with our industry-leading product design and packaging expertise, MACOM offers 5G MMICs, E-Band MMICs, and 5G Power Amplifiers and Switches. We are committed to helping our customers unlock the full promise of 5G. Already, tens of thousands of MACOM components underpin the 5G demonstration systems in development among today’s global leaders in wireless infrastructure technology.

Comprehensive 5G Portfolio from RF to Light

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