Hybrid Optoelectronic Assembly and Package Capability

Module Design and Manufacturing Capabilities

Microwave Design & Packaging

  • Simulation Results of Tx Line
  • ADS modeling of O/E
  • HSFF modeling of transmission line for W-band application
  • 55 GHz O/E on PCBA with 1 mm connector


Hybrid Optoelectronic Assembly

  • V-groove to PLC allignment station. Epoxy curing to secure
  • Ferrulization of v-groove fiber assembly for hermetic sealing
  • Acitve opto-electric alignment of PD to PLC
  • VGA to PLC attach coherent O/E (25 GHz BW)
  • Free-space micor-optic coherent O/E (45 GHz BW)

hybrid optoelectronic assembly.JPG

Build-to-Specification Turnkey Assembly Capabilities


MACOM provides hybrid optoelectronic assembly and packaging capabilities leveraging our industry leading photodiode technology. With our vertically integrated engineering capabilities ranging from crystal growth to testing we are able to uniquely package and design solutions for your dedicated requirements.

Key Advantages

  • Library of High-Power photodiodes for RF over Fiber applications
  • Coverage of Ku to Ka-bands and W band
  • Unique selection of multimode fiber coupled receivers for free space communication
  • Millimeter & Microwave electronic packaging and assembly expertise
  • Electronic design capability to 110GHz frequency
  • Precision sub-micron alignment capability
  • Semi-automated optical waveguide to fiber alignment
  • Automated test leveraging RF and Optical switches
  • High Bandwidth BERT, Network Analyzer and Sampling Scope equipment