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MACOM GaN Technology for Wireless Basestations


MACOM's new MAGb series is the industry's first commercial basestation-optimized family of GaN transistors to achieve leadership efficiency, bandwidth and power gain with the linearity and cost structure like LDMOS, with path to better than LDMOS cost. Leveraging MACOM's Gen4 GaN technology, this new series enables wireless carriers to deploy the latest LTE releases and significantly reduce operating expenses at highly competitive price points, with robust and scalable CMOS-like supply chain combined with MACOM’s best in class applications and design support team with decades of experience.

Debunking GaN Myths

The semiconductor technology landscape for wireless infrastructure is undergoing a major transformation, particularly in the power amplifier (PA) market. The multi-decade dominance that laterally diffused metal oxide semiconductor (LDMOS) transistors have sustained in the PA domain is being challenged by Gallium Nitride (GaN), and the implications for wireless basestation performance and operating costs are profound. Learn more

GaN Performance - Cost - Scalability

Industry’s Broadest Portfolio of RF to Light Solutions for Wireless Network Infrastructure

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