Wireless Network Infrastructure

MACOM's Commitment to Wireless Network Infrastructure

Major basestation OEMs understand they need wide bandgap GaN performance with transformational cost structures and manufacturing capacity that we believe can only be supplied by a GaN-on-Silicon supply chain. GaN is needed for efficiency and gain to meet 5G antenna range and energy efficiency in the field. MACOM GaN-on-Si will provide it all — performance, cost and high-volume supply chain.


MACOM GaN Technology for Wireless Basestations


MACOM's MAGb family of products leverages GaN technology to enable commercial basestation applications. The family is optimized to deliver efficiency, bandwidth and power gain at the required linearity and cost structure.

Leveraging  a CMOS-like supply chain combined with MACOM’s applications and design support, the MAGb family enables carriers to deploy the latest wireless infrastructure frequencies while reducing their operating expenses.

Exploring GaN for Wireless Basestations

The semiconductor technology landscape for wireless infrastructure is undergoing a major transformation, particularly in the power amplifier (PA) market. The multi-decade dominance that laterally diffused metal oxide semiconductor (LDMOS) amplifiers have sustained in the PA domain is being challenged by Gallium Nitride (GaN), and the implications for wireless basestation performance and operating costs are profound.

Portfolio of RF to Light Solutions for Wireless Network Infrastructure

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