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Creating Superior Shareholder Value
Cloud Data Center

MACOM is unique in applying a semiconductor economic model to the Optical Networking industry.  We manufacture high performance analog and photonic semiconductor products for highly diverse sets of applications, geographies, telcos and Web 2.0 service providers.

From FTTH Access to Fiber Backhaul, Long Haul and Metro Networks. From DCI to optical connectivity within the data center.  From AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and China Telecom to Amazon, Facebook, Google and Microsoft. MACOM sells a broad portfolio of mission-critical semiconductor components to any and all transceiver and system OEMs across multiple Optical segments and sub segments.

In this manner, MACOM can afford to invest in proprietary products and technologies that address overall market demand, not just the captive needs of one transceiver supplier. Such broad diversification also minimizes exposure to notoriously cyclical and lumpy demand patterns within narrow subsets of the Optical industry.

5G Telecom

MACOM is pioneering the use of a disruptive compound semiconductor technology called Gallium Nitride to drive major share expansion in new and existing markets and applications.

The most lucrative, near-term opportunity lies in power amplifiers for 4G/LTE Basestations – a billion-dollar semiconductor market – where GaN plays a critical role in expanding network coverage, increasing data rates and decreasing the energy cost of Basestations, which operate 24/7, 365 days a year. These benefits are deeply rooted in the physics of GaN as a semiconducting material, which yields superior power efficiency, signal bandwidth and operating frequencies for the most advanced 4G/LTE and future 5G networks.

MACOM is unique in manufacturing GaN on inexpensive silicon substrates, which meet stringent supply chain requirements in capacity and cost structure for mainstream applications like Basestations. The company has built strong barriers to entry with fundamental patents and intellectual property around GaN-on-Si for use in RF applications.

Global and Homeland Defense

Based on the company’s six-decade heritage in microwave radar and wireless communications, MACOM is leading the transition from mechanically scanned to electronically scanned antennas in aerospace, defense and civil applications.

MACOM’s products and core competencies span several layers from basic semiconducting materials – GaAs, GaN, etc. – to packaged modules, subassemblies and beam-forming tiles. The company’s factory in Lowell, Massachusetts today functions as one of only a few trusted commercial foundries for GaAs and GaN products selling into U.S. military and other domestic programs.

MACOM is well positioned to benefit from the forthcoming buildout of 350 U.S. civil radar installations that’s being jointly sponsored by the FAA and NOAA. The same technologies and products are finding use in ground-based, seaborne and expeditionary radar for domestic U.S. and foreign military sales.


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