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MACOM’s software-configurable DSP products serve as bridges for transporting video, voice, fax and modem transmissions between circuit-switched networks and packet-based networks, and across network boundaries. Our multiservice access device architecture combines the performance of a digital-signal processor core with the flexibility of a microcontroller core to support our extensive suite of voice compression techniques, echo cancellers and communications protocols. These products process and translate voice and data and perform various management and reporting functions. They compress the signals to minimize bandwidth consumption and modify or add communications protocols to accommodate transport of the signals across a variety of different networks. Supported services include Video and Voice over IP (VoIP), Voice-over-ATM (VoATM) and Voice-over-DSL services, as well as wireline-to-wireless connectivity.

Our Comcerto family of packet processors includes a full range of software-compatible solutions that enable OEMs to provide scalable systems with customized features for carrier, enterprise and customer premise applications.

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