Carrier Convergence Processors


At MACOM we offer a line of infrastructure voice processors, in concert with the carrier-grade Media Stream Processing software, that delivers complete, integrated VoIP media, signaling and control processing solution. Combined with powerful DSP cores with flexible packet processing engine and a rich set of interfaces, it supports from 8 to 640 channels of packet-TDM and packet-packet operation across the entire range of IP modulations, for VoIP and VoATM applications. Major applications include IP-PBX, MDU, Session boarder controller(SBC), Unified Communication(UC), NGN POTS/ISDN line cards, media gateways, Class 4/5 switches, wireless base transceiver stations, Optical network terminals and Optical line terminals for PON, DSLAMs, IADs, ATM switches and IP routers. Among these products are “Enterprise Voice and Data processors” and “Carrier Convergence Processors”. 

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999 M82610 Buy 1.6 1.2 256
19x19MM FPBGA-484LD
999 M82710 Buy 2.4 1.1 404
19x19MM FPBGA-484LD
999 M82910 Buy 3.09 1.05 640
19x19MM FPBGA-484LD