Frequency Conversion

MACOM’s frequency conversion products include hybrid mixers, mixers, receivers, transceivers, up converters and frequency multipliers. Our frequency conversion devices are ideal for point-to-point radio, aerospace and defense, and other broadband communications applications. Available as surface mount devices, our reliable products enable easy assembly and integration for real estate constrained customers.

Product Categories

Frequency Multipliers
Hybrid Mixers
Up Converters

Cross Reference List

Need a Replacement or Alternate Part for Your RF Application?

Check out MACOM’s MMICs and Diodes Cross Reference alternatives to Broadcom’s recently announced end of life products.


Low Noise Active Mixer, 4 – 23 GHz

The MAMX-011023 is packed in a lead-free ultra small 1.5 x 1.2 mm TDFN surface mount plastic package with application in Industrial, Scientific, and Medical purposes. 

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