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New Double Balanced Mixers Covering 5GHz – 46 GHz    

The MAMX-011074, MAMX-011071 and MAMX-011067 are GaAs double-balanced passive diode mixers housed in a lead-free 3 mm, 12-lead QFN package. The family of mixers offer low conversion loss, high linearity and a wide IF bandwidth. The double balanced circuit configuration provides excellent port isolation, while internal 50 Ω matching simplifies its application. The 3 Mixers are ideally suited for Test and Measurement, Microwave Radio and Radar Applications. 

MAMX-011074  | High Linearity Double Balanced Mixer, 18 – 46 GHz: Learn More

MAMX-011071  | High Linearity Double Balanced Mixer, 8 – 36 GHz: Learn More

MAMX-011067  | High Linearity Double Balanced Mixer, 5 – 20 GHz: Learn More

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