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At MACOM we leveraged our  proven technology for switching and transport of High-Definition (HD) uncompressed video signals in the broadcast industry, to provide economical and robust solutions for the security and surveillance industry.  MACOM’s devices allow for an efficient and effective migration from analog and standard definition (SD) monitoring and recording systems to HD video surveillance systems with dependability.  

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of serial digital video cable equalizers, cable drivers, and reclockers for CCTV cameras, digital video recorders (DVR), displays, repeaters, and other system peripherals incorporating our advanced 3G/HD-SDI transmission technology for seamless data communication over long distances.  Furthermore,MACOM provides the world’s most extensive high band-width non-blocking crosspoint switch portfolio as a preferred and trusted supplier for solutions in routers, switchers, multiplexers, and distribution amplifiers with channel counts ranging from 2x2 up to 288x288.

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4-channel 2A LED/Laser Driver for Panel Based Projectors

The M08898 is a high efficiency integrated LED/laser driver for LCD/LCoS/TI DLP® projection displays. Each of the four channels may drive up to 2 A. Safety Circuitry features include over-temperature and over-voltage monitoring. 

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