High Power Switch and Bias Module

Multifunction MMIC - 0.7 To 6.0 GHz, 125 W Compact High-Power SPDT Switch Module with Integrated  DC Boost and Bias Controller.

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topOrder releaseDate Part Number Ordering Min Frequency (GHz) Max Frequency (GHz) Low Insertion Loss (Transmit) (dB) IIP3 (dBm) Receive Isolation (dB) CW Incident Power (W) Datasheet Product Image Package Broadband Bias Voltage Input P0.1dB (dBm) Model Data (Sparameters) Low Insertion Loss (Receive) (dB)
999 2018/05/16 MAMF-011070 Buy 0.03 6 0.3 68 43 125 MAMF-011070.pdf
5x5 mm-20 PQFN.jpg
5 mm 20-lead HQFN
0.7 - 6.0 GHz
+5 only
50.5 MAMF-011070 S-par's.zip