Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs)


The MAOP-T284CN is a 100G (Quad 28G) transmit photonic integrated circuit (TX PIC). This transmitter is a four channel (1270 nm, 1290 nm, 1310 nm, 1330 nm), CWDM transmitter with integrated tap photodetectors to facilitate system initialization along with laser and fiber alignment. Edge coupler access for all four CW laser channels and for the multiplexed modulated output port are all aligned with one 4 mm side of the die. These couplers are spaced 750 µm apart and are arranged as shown in the figure. The die footprint is 4.1 mm x 6.5 mm.

The design polarization for all optical I/O is TE with the electric field aligned in the plane of the TX PIC. Tap couplers at the four laser input ports are provided to facilitate optimization of laser alignment by providing an electrical signal on die and to monitor laser aging over product life. A bidirectional coupler is provided on the multiplexed output to both facilitate both fiber coupling and a monitor for output power via the photodiode. Monitor photodetectors at key locations within the optical circuitry are used by the control chip and in setup to assure optimum operation of the various internal optical elements, most principally the travelling wave Mach-Zehnder Modulators.

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MAOP-T284CN Inquire Driverless Transmitter, 4 ch, 28 Gbps, CWDM MUX Integrated 100G
-6.5 2.5 Die
Inquire 4 x 28G Integrated Mach-Zehnder modulators with Integrated CWDM multiplexer for QSFP28
0°C to +85°C Operating Range
QSFP Multisource Footprint
Requires only passive cooling without – No TECs
Integrated tap detectors
Low loss interface to CW laser diodes