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GaN Bias Controller/Sequencer Module
The MABC-001000-DPS00L is a Low Power Dissipation bias controller that provides proper gate voltage and pulsed drain voltage biasing for a device under test (DUT). Applicable DUT’s include depletion-mode GaN (Gallium Nitride) or GaAs (Gallium Arsenide) power amplifiers or HEMT devices. The module also provides bias sequencing so that pulsed drain voltage cannot be applied to a DUT unless the negative gate bias voltage is present. The applications section of this datasheet will show how the module can be implemented for the following two applications: Application Option 1: Fixed negative gate biasing with pulsed drain biasing. Application Option 2: Pulsed negative gate biasing with pulsed drain biasing. Both of these application options will recommend the external circuitry and p-Channel Power MOSFET. The MABC-001000-DP000L module can also be installed onto an MABC-001000-PB2PPR evaluation board for evaluation, test, and characterization purposes.
  • Robust GaN Protection at Any Power Up/Power Down Sequence
  • Gate Bias Output Current = 50 mA for Heavy RF Compression
  • Low Power Dissipation < 100 mW
  • Target = 500 ns Total Switch Transition Time
  • 6.60 x 22.48 mm2 Package with 1 mm Pitch SMT Leads
  • 30 dB Typical EMI/RFI Rejection at All I/O Ports
  • Open Drain Output Current of = 200 mA for External MOSFET Switch Drive
  • Fixed Gate with Pulsed Drain Bias Voltage. Add-On Module Allows for Gate Pulsing
  • RoHS* Compliant and 260°C Reflow Compatible
  • Positive Supply Voltage: 50 
  • Positive Supply Current: 14 mA
  • Negative Supply Current: -3 mA
  • SMT
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  • Surface Mount
  • Yes
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Bias Controller, Bias Seq, Low Power
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Bias Controller, Bias Seq, Low Power, Reel
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