29 GB MZ Modulator Driver

The MAOM-002105 is a high performance MZ modulator driver IC for 40G DQPSK and 100G DP-QPSK applications. It consists of 3 amplifier stages packaged in a surface mount package with built-in decoupling capacitors. The part requires an external low frequency choke, ac coupling capacitors, and DC control circuitry for operation in a system environment. The part is available in a small 14.4 mm x 7 mm SMD package. The MAOM-002105 takes a single-ended input signal that can range from 400 mVpp to 550 mVpp to provide a single-ended output that can range from 6 Vpp to 8 Vpp. In addition, this driver has very low power consumption of 1.8 W at 7.5 Vpp output, low RMS jitter and a typical rise and fall time of 12ps.

Product Specifications

Part Number
Short Description
32 GBaud limiting MZ Modulator Driver
Max. Data-Rate(GBaud)
Number of Channels
Package Category
14.4 x 7 x 2.3


  • Optical Networking

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29 GB MZ Modulator Driver