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Quad Channel 32 GB Limiting Modulator Driver
The MAOM-003415 is a high performance quad channel 32 Gbps optical modulator driver for 100G DP-QPSK applications. The device takes a differential input signal between 300 mVpp and 600 mVpp and provides a single ended output up to 5 Vpp with low power consumption of 0.92 W and low RMS jitter degradation. The MAOM-003415 integrates all coupling capacitors and bias chokes and also offers a peak detector output for each channel. The device is packaged in a small 14 mm x 9.1 mm surface-mount package.
  • Data Rate: NRZ Data rate up to 32 Gbps
  • RoHS Compliant* and 260 °C Reflow Compatible
  • 14 mm x 9.1 mm x 2.85 mm SMD package
  • Input Voltage: 300 mVpp - 600 mVpp Differential
  • Output Amplitude: Up to 5 Vpp Single Ended
  • 100 Gbps DPQPSK Transponder
  • CFP/CFP2 Coherent
  • Single-ended optical modulator applications
  • Max. Data-Rate: 32 GBaud
  • Input Voltage - Min: 300 mVpp
  • Output Voltage - Max.: 5 Vpp
  • Rise/Fall Time: 12 ps
  • 14 mm x 9.1 mm x 2.85 mm SMD package
Package Category
  • SMD
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Part Number Package MACOM Richardson RFPD DigiKey Mouser Richardson Electronics
Mod Driver, 32Gbps, 14x9.1mm Laminate Mod

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