Silicon (Si)

MACOM's Commitment to Silicon

With over 60 years of semiconductor leadership, MACOM has used silicon technology to solve customers’ most complex challenges. Whether using it as a device or substrate technology, MACOM has leveraged its engineering expertise to develop high performing, highly integrated, and cost effective solutions for applications ranging from aerospace to automotive, infrastructure to industrial and military to medical.

RF & Microwave Product Selection Guide

Silicon (Si)

Silicon Technology

Since the 1950’s Silicon has served as the basic material in the semiconductor industry for high frequency applications. MACOM, which was founded as Microwave Associates in 1950, was one of the pioneers in advancing the commercialization of this technology. MACOM offers leading edge devices that cover the full RF spectrum from high frequency through millimeter wave applications. Leveraging our deep understanding of silicon technology, MACOM offers a broad portfolio of product offerings ranging from PIN and varactor tuning diodes to multi-hundred watt silicon power MOSFET’s.

Key Advantages

  • Excellent thermal and electrical properties
  • Enables broadband performance
  • Ideal substrate material
  • Enables high power integrated solutions
  • Cost effective technology

Key Applications

  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Industrial, Scientific & Medical
  • Test and measurement
  • CATV and Wired broadband
  • Wireless networking