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15 W X-Band High Power Amplifier for Radar

MAAP-015036: GaAs MMIC Amplifier Boasts up to 42 dBm of Peak Power and 43 % Power Added Efficiency

MAMG-000912-090PSM: 2-Stage GaN Plastic power module optimized for pulsed radar applications

Ideal for pulsed Avionics applications in the 960 to 1215 MHz band, 2-stage, fully matched GaN surface mount power module scales to peak pulse power levels of 100 W in a 14 x 24 mm package size.


At MACOM we work daily to provide innovative solutions for your complex application needs. These training videos and modules cover our broad portfolio of over 3000 products. All our training videos can be viewed on the go and are compatible on your mobile or tablet devices.   View more videos

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