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The MAGx-101214-500L00 500 W GaN-on-Si RF power transistor is optimized for pulsed L-Band radar applications.

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Debunking GaN Myths

Debunking-resize100x137.PNGThe semiconductor technology landscape for wireless infrastructure is undergoing a major transformation, particularly in the power amplifier (PA) market...Download here


GaN Technology


MACOM has assumed a leadership role in driving the commercialization of GaN into mainstream applications. Offering the RF and microwave industry a broad  portfolio of  GaN on Si products spanning a wide range of package options for pulsed and continuous wave applications, we have firmly established ourselves as leaders across all GaN end market applications.


Regarding the maturation of GaN technology, we know today that GaN on Si delivers minimally 8X the raw power density of incumbent GaAs technology, while boosting efficiency from the mid 40% to up to 70%. We believe it can do this at minimally 2 to 3X lower cost than GaAs at maturity in 6” handset fabs.


GaN technology is now making the transition from specialized, government funded technology to high volume commercial mainstay. By leveraging the scale volume of the silicon industry, which is two orders of magnitude greater than even the GaAs handset market, we’ll soon be able to leverage GaN for cost-sensitive applications. At maturity, we believe that GaN on Si will benefit from silicon cost structures that are 3X lower than today’s highest volume GaAs and 100X lower cost than today’s GaN on SiC technology.

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