MACOM design and application engineers are continuing our 65-year legacy and commitment of leadership with next-gen wideband RF solutions for mission-critical applications. Our expert RF team leverages the latest semiconductor technologies and state-of-the-art foundry processes to reach new levels of performance in bandwidth, power, packaging and reliability

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Question: Does DC = 0 Hz in RF & Microwave PIN diode product Datasheets?

Answer: never!

The minimum operating signal frequency for RF & Microwave ... Read More

Broad Portfolio

Expansive Diode Product Portfolio

> PINs, Schottkies, Varactors, Zeners, rectifiers, current regulators

> Chip capacitors, attenuator pads, thin film resistors, spiral inductors

> RF / MW /mmW, DC general purpose solutions

> Integrated diode products: switch modules, limiter modules, comb generators, driver modules

Diode Support Services

> Lot Approval offered: maintaining secured inventory at our factory

> Product extensions / variants, custom design & development

> Hi-Rel screening capabilities: space & JAN, JANTX, JANTXV, JANS-qualified RF & DC devices

> Applications support: world-class experienced team available to support your critical requirements


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MACOM's Commitment to Diodes

MACOM has been the preeminent supplier for High Performance Diodes dating back over 65 years. We are committed to delivering the broadest portfolio leveraging a wide array of technologies including our patented HMIC and AlGaAs technologies to enable our customers’ most complex design challenges. Our commitment to servicing the Diode market goes beyond just the products, extending to services such as lot approval, hi-rel screening, custom design and unparalleled application support. Our expert RF team leverages the latest foundry processes to deliver performance and reliability in Test and Measurement, Radios, SATCOM, and Radar applications.

Patented Technologies

> AlGaAs: high frequency switch portfolio up to 94 GHz


> HMIC: high power diode & switch portfolio (0.1-20 GHz, 6.5W CW incident power)


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