Integrated Passive Devices

MACOM’s new Integrated Passive Devices (IPD) products can be used in a wide range of aerospace and defense, wireless, and test and measurement applications. These IPD devices implement various functions such as baluns, couplers and power dividers, and are available in PQFN or bare die. Operating over the 2 GHz to 20 GHz frequency range our IPD products offer excellent performance over wide bandwidths.

Part Number Description
MACP-011088 17 dB Bi-Directional Coupler 2 - 18 GHz
MAPD-011062-DIE Power Divider Bare Die 2 - 20 GHz
MACP-011096 Bi-Directional Coupler
MABA-011125 Balun, 1:2, 2-20GHz, 3mm PQFN
MAFL-011156 Equalizer, 0 dB
MAFL-011125 Equalizer, 4.5 dB
MAFL-011126 Equalizer, 6 dB 20 GHz
MAFL-011125-DIE Equalizer, 4.5 dB
MAFL-011124 Equalizer, 3 dB
MAFL-011128-DIE Equalizer, 12 dB 20 GHz
MAFL-011127-DIE Equalizer, 9 dB 20 GHz
MAFL-011128 Equalizer, 12 dB 20 GHz
MAFL-011126-DIE Equalizer, 6 dB 20 GHz
MAFL-011124-DIE Equalizer, 3 dB
MAFL-011156-DIE Equalizer, 0 dB, DIE
MAPD-011062 Power Divider, 2 Way, 2-20GHz, 3mm PQFN
MAFL-011127 Equalizer, 9 dB 20 GHz