At MACOM we offer monolithic and stereo Doppler transceivers for directional motion detection. Our transceivers are used in a variety of applications such as automatic door openers, ground speed recorders and police radars. MACOM’s transceivers are well suited for high volume applications where small size and reliability are required. 

Part Number Description
MACS-007802-0M1RL6 Stereo Transceiver
MACS-007800-0M1RL9 Local Oscillator
MACS-007802-0M1RS0 Stereo Transceiver
MACS-007800-0M1R00 Local Oscillator
MAMF-011024 21 - 27 GHz Transceiver IC
MACS-007801-0M1RMR Mono Transceiver
MACS-007802-0M1RL7 Stereo Transceiver
MACS-007802-0M1R1B Stereo Transceiver
MACS-007801-0M1RM0 Mono Transceiver
MACS-007802-0M1R10 Stereo Transceiver
MACS-007801-0M1R10 Mono Transceiver
MACS-007801-0M1RMF Mono Transceiver
MACS-007802-0M1RSF Stereo Transceiver