Amplifier Gain Blocks

At MACOM we design, manufacture, and support a wide portfolio of Amplifier Gain Blocks for RF, microwave, and millimeter wave applications. Our amplifier gain blocks cover frequencies ranging from DC to 45 GHz. MACOM’s gain blocks are used in a variety of 50 Ohm and 75 Ohm applications including; Networks, Commercial and Aerospace and Defense. Leveraging the latest innovative technology these products are available in both standard plastic packaging and bare die.

Part Number Description
MAAM-011290 Driver Amplifier 5 - 20 GHz
XB1008-BD Buffer Amp
MAAM-011101 Ultra Small Broadband General Purpose Amplifier
MAAM-011305-DIE Broadband Low Noise Gain Block, Die, 16 dB 0.03 - 8 GHz
MAAM-011290-DIE Driver Amplifier 5 - 20 GHz
MAAM-011252-DIE Broadband Low Noise Gain Block 0.03 - 8 GHz
MAAM-011112 Buffer Amplifier
MAAM-011289-DIE Driver Amplifier 5 - 20 GHz
MAAM-011252-CQ3 Broadband Low Noise Gain Block 0.03 - 8 GHz
MAAM-011326-DIE 21 dB Gain Amplifier, Die 0.4 - 6 GHz
MAAM28000 Wide Band GaAs MMIC
MAAM02350-A2 Wide Band GaAs MMIC
MAAM-009286 Driver Amplifier
CMM0511-QT Packaged Driver Amplifier
MAAM-010513-000000 40.5 - 43.5 GHz Amplifier, Driver
XB1005-BD Buffer Amplifier
MAAM-010651 Amplifier, Buffer
MAAM-011252 Broadband Low Noise Gain Block 0.03 - 8 GHz
MAAM28000-A1 Wide Band GaAs MMIC
MAAM-011289 Driver Amplifier 5 - 20 GHz
MAAM-011206 Broadband Darlington Amplifier DC-15 GHz
MAAM-011326 21 dB Gain Amplifier, 0.4 - 6 GHz
XB1014-QT Buffer Amplifier 37.0 - 40.0 GHz
MAAM-011305 Broadband Low Noise Gain Block,16 dB 0.03 - 8 GHz
MAAM-010373 Broadband CATV Amplifier
XB1006-BD Buffer Amplifier
MAAM-009560 RF Driver Amplifier
MAAM-011357 20 dB Gain Amplifier
MAAM28000-A1G Wide Band GaAs MMIC
XB1007-BD Buffer Amplifier
XB1004-BD Buffer Amplifier
XB1008-QT Buffer Amplifier
CGY2731UH Gain Block 12 - 15 GHz
MAAM02350 Wide Band GaAs MMIC
MAAM-011291-DIE Power Amplifier, 1 W 20 - 45 GHz
MAAM-011132 Driver Amplifier
MAAM-011100 Ultra Small Broadband Variable Gain Amplifier
XB1007-QT Amplifier