Active Splitters

MACOM's active splitters available in 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8-way splits, are designed for todays advanced CATV, FTTx, and direct broadcast satellite (DBS) subscriber equipment. Typical applications include high-definition flat screen TVs, set top boxes (STBs), embedded multimedia terminal adapter (eMTAs), cable modems, and PCTV cards. Ranging from 50 MHz to 1100 MHz and available in surface mount PDFN and PQFN plastic packages

Part Number Description
MAAM-009450 Single Ended, Default On
MAAM-009811 Broadband CATV Single Ended 2-Way Active Splitter
MAAM-008821 Single Ended
MAAM-008820 Single Ended
MAAM-008819 Single Ended
MAAM-010237 8-Way Active Splitter with default loop-through Switch
MAAM-007239 Single Ended
MAAM-009778 Broadband CATV 4-Way Active Splitter with Default Loop-Through
MAAM-009879 Single Ended, Default On
MAAM-009452 Broadband CATV 4-Way Active Splitter
MAAM-009451 Broadband CATV Single Ended 3-Way Active Splitter
MAAM-008970 Single Ended, SatCom
MAAM-009779 Broadband CATV 5-Way Active Splitter with Default Loop-Through Switch
MAAM-007805 Single Ended
MAAM-008818 Single Ended