FTTx Amplifiers

MACOM’s FTTx amplifiers are designed for PON, RFoG and SFU receiver equipment and are offered in small, plastic QFN packages with integrated amplifier and attenuator functions. All parts cover the full 45 to 1000MHz / 1200MHz CATV band. 5v and 12v solutions are offered with power consumption of ≤ 1.5Watts. MACOM’s FTTx amplifiers are characterized with industry standard photodiodes, covering optical input ranges from -12 to +3dBm and each sample EVK comes complete with a photodiode and APC connector.

Part Number Description
MAAM-010333 Optical Node RF Amplifier
MAAM-008863 FTTx RF Amplifier
MAAM-007807 CATV & 2nd Stage FTTx Amp