Up Converters

MACOM's upconverters are widely used in point-to-point radio, broadband communications, and RADAR applications. Operating up to a frequency of 86 GHz, our upconverters feature an integrated image reject (balanced) mixer, LO buffer, and RF buffer. Some products also include LO multiplication and variable gain, all within a single chip. Available in die, or SMT lead-free QFN and LGA packages, our upconverters boast excellent performance with adjustable bias, high linearity and image rejection with low LO leakage

Part Number Description
MAUC-010506 Up Convereter
MAUC-011003 Up Converter 27.5-33.4 GHz
MAMF-011142 Upconverter 71 - 86 GHz
XU1006-QB GaAs Transmitter
MAUC-011009 37- 40GHz Up-Converter with Integrated x4 LO multiplier
XU1019-QH Up Converter
MAUC-010515 Up Converter