25G Fabry-Perot Lasers

MACOM’s FP lasers are designed for operation up to 25G, and are targeted at 4G and 5G Fronthaul applications. These products utilize patented Etched Facet Technology (EFT) for wafer-scale testing and manufacturing and have the following benefits:

  • Etched Facet Technology enabling high performance and product uniformity
  • Industrial temperature operation from -40ºC to 95ºC, ideally suited for 4G and 5G fronthaul applications
  • Non-hermetic seal operation is suited for low cost package in data center applications
  • High back-reflection rejection, enabling low cost packaging without the need for isolators
  • Proven reliability and low FIT based on EFT laser family (more than 100 millions lasers in field)

Products are RoHS compliant and designed for Telcordia GR-468.

Part Number Description
MAOD-131F25IL1T0 1310nm Fabry-Perot Edge Emitting Laser