MACOM's receivers are widely used in point-to-point radio, aerospace and defense, and other broadband communications applications. Operating between the 4.5 - 45 GHz frequency range, our receivers feature an integrated LNA, mixer and LO buffer amplifier onto a single chip. Available in lead-free QFN or SMD packages, our receivers boast excellent noise figure and conversion gain performance.

Part Number Description
XR1008-QB 35.0-45.0 GHz GaAs Receiver
XR1015-QH 10.0-16.0 GHz GaAs Receiver QFN, 4x4mm
MADC-010736 Receiver, high IIP3, SMD
XR1019-QH 27.5-33.4 GHz GaAs ReceiverQFN
XR1011-QH 4.5-10.5 GHz GaAs ReceiverQFN
MADC-011010 38 GHz Down Converter