All Amplifiers

Part Number Description
SMA1031 Cascadable, Hi Gain
MAAM-007272-SMA514 Cascadable, Hi Gain
CA78 (non-RoHS) Cascadable
A36-2 Cascadable
MRF166W The RF MOSFET Line 40W, 500MHz, 28V
MAAL-011207-Q Low Noise Amplifier 0.15 - 6 GHz
MAAL-011161-DIE Low Phase Noise Amplifier
AMC-182-SMA (non-RoHS) Cascadable, Hi Gain
CGY2144UH Medium Gain Broadband Amplifier DC - 54 GHz
MAAM-011286-DIE Wideband Distributed Amplifier
CA231 (non-RoHS) Cascadable, Hi Gain
MAAM-011168 Differential CATV Variable Gain Amplifier 5 - 300 MHz
A70-3 Cascadable, Low Noise, Hi Dyn Rge
MAAP-011232 1 W Driver Amplifier with VG Enable
MAAP-011361 Power Amplifier, 4 W
A39 Cascadable
MAAL-011158 Low Phase Noise Amplifier 2 - 30 GHz
SMA26 Cascadable
A81-3 Cascadable
MAAM71200-H1 Low Noise
A74 Cascadable, Hi Gain
MAGB-102327-012B0P GaN Amplifier 48 V, 10 W 2.3 - 2.7 GHz
MAAP-011202 2.5 W Power Amplifier
MAAM-011182 75Ω, 8 V RF Amplifier
CA17 (non-RoHS) Cascadable
MAGe-100809-500G00 GaN Amplifier 50 V, 500 W, 896 - 928 MHz
SMA24 Cascadable
SMA28 Cascadable
CGY2124UH X-Band Low Noise Amplifier
SMA81-1 Cascadable
MAAM-009450 Single Ended, Default On
SMA59 Cascadable, Hi Dyn Rge
MAAP-011139 Power Amplifier, 4 W
CA181 (non-RoHS) Cascadable
CA28 (non-RoHS) Cascadable
CA6011 (non-RoHS) Cascadable, Low Noise, Low Volt
A11 Cascadable Amplifier
CA32-1 (non-RoHS) Cascadable, Low Noise, Low Volt
PH2731-75L Bipolar
SMA36-1 Cascadable
PH1214-2M Bipolar
A74-2 Cascadable, Hi Eff
MAPC-P1012 GaN Amplifier Pallet, 65 V, 2 KW 1.03 - 1.09 GHz
MAAP-011324 Power Amplifier, 0.25 W DC - 27 GHz
SMA59-1 Cascadable, Hi Dyn Rge
PHA3135-130M Pulsed Power Pallet
MAAM-008200-000A83 Cascadable, Hi Eff
DU2880T 1 RF Power MOSFET Transistor 80W, 2-175MHz, 28V
SMA531 Cascadable
MAAM-011100 Ultra Small Broadband Variable Gain Amplifier
CA36-1 (non-RoHS) Cascadable
MAAM-011194 75 Ohm Differential Variable Gain CATV Amplifier
MAAM-011252-DIE Broadband Low Noise Gain Block 0.03 - 8 GHz
MAAM37000-A1 Low Noise
MRF10150 Bipolar
UF28150J RF Power MOSFET Transistor 150W, 100MHz-500MHz, 28V
SMA5-6 Cascadable
MAAMSS0067 Low Noise, Low Distortion Amplifier
MRF140 The RF MOSFET Line 30W, to 400MHz, 28V
SMA101 Cascadable, Hi Linearity
MRF10502 Bipolar
MAAM-011109 Wideband Amplifier
MAAP-011324-DIE Power Amplifier, 0.25 W DC - 27 GHz
MAAM26100 GaAs MMIC Power Amplifier
CA26 (non-RoHS) Cascadable
MAAP-011313 Power Amplifier, 4 W 13.5 - 15.0 GHz
MAPC-A1605 MACOM Pure Carbide, GaN Amplifier 150 V, 7000 W, 960 - 1215 MHz
SMA1 Cascadable
RA89-1 Cascadable, Hi Gain
MAAMSS0044 Low Noise, Low Distortion
A80 Cascadable
MAAM28000 Wide Band GaAs MMIC
MAAM-008198-SMA162 Cascadable, Hi Eff
SMAL7 Cascadable, Limiting Amplifier
MRF175GU The RF MOSFET Line 200/150W, 500MHz, 28V
MAPC-A1506 GaN Amplifier 52 V, 450 W 2.0 - 2.4 GHz - MACOM PURE CARBIDE
MAAL-009053 Satellite TV Amplifier
EA54 Cascadable, Hi Gain
MAAL-011154-DIE Low Phase Noise Amplifier 4 - 8 GHz
MAAL-011159-DIE Low Phase Noise Amplifier 2 - 27 GHz
PH2729-110M Bipolar
SMA79 Cascadable
MAAP-010168 10 W Power Amplifier
A45 Cascadable
MAAM-007501-CA2002 Cascadable
MAAP-011379 Power Amplifier, 1 W
MAAM-008818 Single Ended
MRF1004MB Bipolar Microwave Pulse Power Silicon NPN Transistor 4.0W (peak), 960–1215MHz
A32-1 Cascadable, Low Noise, Low Volt
A34 Cascadable
CA1212 (non-RoHS) Cascadable, Low Volt
AMC-145-SMA (non-RoHS) Cascadable
PH1214-220M Bipolar
A70 Cascadable, Low Noise, Hi Dyn Rge
CA59-1 Cascadable, Hi Dyn Rge
MAAM-009452 Broadband CATV 4-Way Active Splitter
A4012 Cascadable, Low Noise, Low Volt
SMA36 Cascadable
MAPC-P1010 GaN Amplifier Pallet 2-Stage, 50 V, 250 W 2.7 - 3.1 GHz
DU2840S RF Power MOSFET Transistor 40W, 2-175MHz, 28V
A57 Cascadable
MAAP-011298 2.3 W Ka-Band Power Amplifier
CA75 (non-RoHS) Cascadable
A66-3 Cascadable, Hi Eff
CAL7 (non-RoHS) Cascadable, Limiting Amplifier
A5-6 Cascadable
CGY2160UH Wideband Amplifier 1.5 - 47 GHz
SMA75-3 Cascadable
CA12 (non-RoHS) Cascadable, Low Volt
MAAM71200 Low Noise
MRF313 Bipolar
MAAM-011326-DIE 21 dB Gain Amplifier, Die 0.4 - 6 GHz
MAAP-011250 4 W Ka-Band Power Amplifier
A81-2 Cascadable
PH1090-350L Bipolar
MAAM-008199-000A51 Cascadable
MAAM-007502-CPA512 (non-RoHS) Cascadable, Med. Power
NPT25015 GaN Amplifier 28 V, 23 W, DC - 3 GHz
MAAM-008863 FTTx RF Amplifier
MRF10005 Bipolar
CGY2128UH Low Noise Amplifier, Ka-Band
MAAM-009779 Broadband CATV 5-Way Active Splitter with Default Loop-Through Switch
XP1043-QH Power Amplifier
CA87 (non-RoHS) Cascadable
MAAP-015016-DIE Ka-Band 4 W Power Amplifier
A511 Cascadable Amplifier
SMA611 Cascadable, Low Noise, Low Volt
MAAM-007502-SPA512 Cascadable, Med. Power
MRF174 The RF MOSFET Line 125W, 200MHz
XP1035-QH 5.9-9.5 GHz Linear Power AmplifierQFN, 4x4mm, 0.5W
MRF177 The RF MOSFET Line 100W, 400MHz, 28V
SMA70-1 Cascadable, Low Noise, Hi Dyn Rge
MAAL-011130 Broadband LNA, 2-18 GHz
XB1008-QT Buffer Amplifier
MAAM-011324 Driver Amplifier
MAAM-011289 Driver Amplifier 5 - 20 GHz
MAAM-008198-0CA162 Cascadable, Hi Eff
XB1007-QT Amplifier
MAAL-011111 Low Noise
NPT1004D GaN Amplifier 28 V, 45 W, DC - 4 GHz
A611 Cascadable, Low Noise, Low Volt
SMA77-1 Cascadable
MAAP-011218-DIE 0.5 W Power Amplifier 71 - 86 GHz
SMA1211 Cascadable, Low Volt
MAAP-011358-DIE Power Amplifier, 6 W 27.5 - 30.0 GHz
DU2860U RF Power MOSFET Transistor 60W, 2-175MHz, 28V
PH2729-65M Bipolar
A55 Cascadable
MAAM-010333 Optical Node RF Amplifier
CGY2290SUH Low Noise Amplifier
MAAM-009560 RF Driver Amplifier
CA70-2 (non-RoHS) Cascadable, Low Noise, Hi Dyn Rge
A1 Cascadable Amplifier
MAAP-011341 0.5 W Ka-Band Power Amplifier 27 - 31.5 GHz
MAAM-009286 Driver Amplifier
XP1042-QT Amplifier
A81 Cascadable
MRF454 Bipolar
SMA28-2 Cascadable, Hi Eff
MRF176GV The RF MOSFET Line 200/150W, 500MHz, 50V