Linear Space Products

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Mission-Proven Linearizers

MACOM’s Linear Space product team develops highly efficient, linearized GaN power amplifiers for space applications. The team provides solutions to meet flight hardware needs, especially for linearizers, linearized amplifiers, and distortion-related challenges. MACOM’s state-of-the-art facilities accommodate RF up through millimeter-wave frequencies (>100 GHz) and photonic applications. We are AS9100D certified and follow the MIL-STD-883 standard in a lean production environment. Because of the team’s expertise in both digital and analog linearization we understand all aspects of linearization including approaches using feedforward, feedback and predistortion.

Space Qualified Linearizers, SSPAs and Related Satellite Hardware



Versatile Linearized Front End Modules

  • Wideband phased array applications
  • Ka and Ku downlink bands
  • Allow for use of single amplifier design for all array positions
  • Output power adjustable for high/low power mode to maintain linearity and efficiency



S Series | C, X, Ku, K, Ka, Q & V-Band

SSPA Linearizers | UHF, L, S, C, and X-Band

Flight Qualified with Heritage

  • Drop-in / Connectorized for GaAs/GaN Flight SSPAs
  • Internally temperature compensated
  • Flight qualified with heritage
  • External control of mag and phase nonlinear transfer
  • Allows performance optimization during SSPA alignment
  • Allows SSPA output stages to be temperature compensated via the linearizer

Ku-2050 LCAMP

Ku Linearized Dual Channel Amplifier

  • 10.7 to 12.75 GHz covers ITU 1, 2, 3, and extended D/L
  • Designed for smart inventory to reduce lead time
  • FG and ALC modes Pulse Bus Interface (currently in qualifications)
  • Serial interfaces for other platforms as needed
  • First LCAMP design with microcontroller-based architecture
  • Random-access setpoints
  • Reconfigurable for smart channelization
  • State reversion
  • Rapid configuration for multiple bus interfaces
  • Separate GAIN (flux) and PHASE adjustments
  • Performance optimization at HPA integration

Linearized UHF SSPA

Flight Qualified with Heritage

  • Low band (250 MHz) and High band (370 MHz)
  • 20 and 40 W models
  • High-reliability GaAs FET output stages with a predistortion linearized front-end
  • Linear multichannel communications including BPSK, QPSK, WSS
  • 1 W per communication channel, up to 10 channels with 48 dB linear gain


  • Commandable over 5 dB power range (125 to 400 W)
  • Variable drain voltage maintains optimal efficiency
  • Linearizer Built into HPA PreDriver Stages – optimized for single-carrier AM/PM conversion close to saturation
  • VSWR Protect Circuit replaces expensive, bulky isolator
  • 70 V EPC 


200W UHF Flight SSPA with >80% PA

  • 360-380 MHz
  • Linearized
  • Multicarrier Communications
  • 180 W Sat Power
  • 78% Efficiency including EPC